Room Assignments

The room assignments for the 2014 PRSF are now on online as a pdf file.

When the file opens you may find it helpful to use Find, control + F on a PC, to locate your name.

Schedule for the Day

The schedule for Tuesday is online.

Good luck at the fair on Tuesday.

Plan, Develop and Present Your Science Fair Project

Preparing for Science Fairs - Part 1 - Introduction

    Common questions from students are:
  • "Where do I start?"
  • "How do I come up with an idea?"
  • "How do I conduct an experiment?"

These questions and more are answered in this fun set of videos that takes a look inside the Canada Wide Science Fair through the eyes of students. Hosted by two award winning Nova Scotians from the 2007 Canada Wide Science Fair, Sheralynne Deveaux and Darren Rhodenhizer, the video features interviews with youth across Canada.

See more about Preparing for Science Fairs.

Team Canada-ISEF 2014

Team Canada-ISEF 2014 will represent this country at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Los Angeles, California from May 11-16.

The Intel ISEF is the world's largest pre-college celebration of science that brings together over 1,500 students from 65 countries, regions, and territories to compete for over $4 million in awards, scholarships, tuition grants, internships, scientific field trips and 3 grand prizes, including a US$75,000 college scholarship.

Each year Canada sends a team of 18 finalists and the results have been spectacular - on average, 80% of Team Canada members have won awards. Each year, young Canadian scientists like you are proving they're world-class.

If you think you've got what it takes, check out what it takes to apply for Team Canada-ISEF.

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YSC Ethics Rules

Recently, the Youth Science Canada changed certain ethical rules that affect the eligibility of projects for both the PRSF and the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Please make sure to check all relevant rules before you start your project.

If your project involves human participants see

If your project involves animals see

If your project involves the firearms or hazardous materials and equipment see

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